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What makes a winning physique?

What does that mean?


Symmetry is a key ingredient in a winning physique & one that owes its qualities in large part to the genetics of the competitor. Wide shoulders, narrow hips, trim waist & a deep rib-cage are genetically endowed qualities on which a championship physique can be built.

A proportionate physique is one that has no overall development in which each individual body part complements the others in both size & shape. The upper body should not be developed to the extent that it overpowers the lower body & vice-versa.

All body parts should flow in harmony with no body part being over developed to the detriment of the others. Right & left sides should be equally developed, so as to not exhibit any readily observable differences in size.


First and foremost, a physique contest is “a bodybuilding contest.” Contestants must exhibit a degree of muscular development which will vary according to the class being judged.
In the “WFF categories the height and weight restrictions” mean that a slimmer style of physique will be on display. Criteria such as Symmetry (above) and Separation (below) apply equally in judging the WFF classes. 



This factor must be considered in conjunction with muscle mass. Separation is the delineation between the muscle groups of the physique. Excess fatty tissue under the skin blurs this muscular division resulting in a smooth appearance.

Definition is the display of the individual muscles & muscle fibres (often referred to as 'ripped' or 'shredded').

The Competition

Round 1: Individual Free Posing Round

In this round each contestant performs their individual posing routine to their own selection of music. There is a time limit of 90 seconds and all music should be supplied on CD with a back-up copy available on event day. Original music is recommended as some home-made recording versions do not allow commercial systems to play. It is embarrassing both for the competitor and the promoter when music does not play, so please check this critical aspect.

The judges will look for a routine which is entertaining, compliments and enhances the physique of the competitor, showing their better features whilst disguising their weaker points. The competitor should have an empathy with the music selected, using movements in time to the rhythm or beat of the music without uncoordinated moves that are too fast for the audience and the judges to appreciate whilst digesting the competitor’s physique.

Round 2: Symmetry Round

All competitors appear in numerical order in one line across the stage (when there are large number of competitors, the head judge may choose to dissect the line into two or three sections to allow clearer vision of the competitors by the judges). The line is then taken through a series of quarter turns.

In this round the competitors will be closely scrutinized for any genetic, structural or proportional defects that could affect their placing and are scored accordingly.

Round 3: Compulsory Posing Round

These poses are designed to allow the judges to view development of every muscle from different angles, thus ensuring the individual judge has a good basis for "callouts" (competitor comparisons).

After the competitors have completed these poses as a group, each individual judge has an opportunity to call out only the competitors he wishes to view in further comparison.

Round 4: Posedown

In this round all competitors perform together in a group posing to background music which allows the head judge to tally the score card. The Top 3 winners are awarded immediately on stage and the 1st place winner only is invited to contest the Overall event later in the program.

General Comments

From a competitors point of view the importance of the comparisons discipline cannot be stressed too highly. A good performance can elevate a competitor several places up the ladder - perhaps even produce a winning vote!

Any time or attention given to detail to achieve good presentation will be well spent. 

Learn the poses thoroughly. Take advice if necessary - preferably from an experienced, but impartial, source. Some competitors´ physiques will show better on some poses than others.

Work on the ones which don´t suit. It may mean only a small change ...a shift in angle of the head...a new legs position...a twist of the upper body in the direction of the judges...or a correction to one of the most common faults - the head bent forward and the shoulders rounded on a double biceps from the back.

Competitors Responsibilities

To assist in making the judging and show as smooth running as possible competitors are requested to observe the following:

  1. Adhere to appointed judging and show times. Running times of both events - particularly judging - can vary slightly. Give yourself a built in allowance to meet this and to make all necessarypreparations.
  2. Appear in your best possiblecondition.
  3. Make sure your nominated height class in the correctone.
  4. Wear neatly cut posing trunks orcostumes.
  5. Don´t spoil your appearance with badly applied tanning lotion - and too muchoil.
  6. Make sure your music is recorded on a CD and in MP3 format ONLY, it should be recorded on its own as no others will be accepted. (Not applicable for Bikini Model , Female or Male Fitness ModelCategories)
  7. Be prepared mentally for a lengthy wait if your class contest is at the end of the judging.
  8. Consider bringing your own food to the judging. Some venues may not have the food you want.
  9. Do not insist on having friends, coaches,etc.,backstage. It is impossible to cater for such numbers and would greatly inhibit a smooth running event.
  10. Conduct yourself in a manner befitting a world bodybuilding event, as a representative of your country.
  11. Consult officials if any problems arise.

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